Subject to licensing

Once you register account in BitCurb, you automatically start with Free Trial licence that has 30 days expiry policy. The trial licence is a combo basic edition package, for one use. That means you will be able to evaluate BitCurb functionality against the lowest data volume edition in Excel or through custom developed program integration.

Bear in mind the code samples we provide for you on GitHub may require trimming the number of input rows to be able to work under Free Trial licence, hence results might be different from what is on the API Examples articles.

Under trial versions you cannot assign more licences to other users in your organisation account. In order to do so, you must convert your trial licence into paid licence. If your trial licence expires, you still have access to BitCurb portal without being able to perform any operations that are subject to licensing.

Every paid licence has expiry date, which could be three, six, nine or twelve months from the day of the purchase. Being under paid licence restricts you from downgrading your existing licence package in terms of edition and number of users within the current period of the licence. You can only enhance your existing licence by adding more users or by getting higher edition and users within the licence’s validity period that is currently in place, including adding more components that are subject to licensing through custom licence configurator.

Next functionalities are subject to licensing and your active licence is checked when executing any of them through API or Excel:

  • BitCurb Crunch Engine
  • BitCurb Report Endpoints
  • BitCurb Support Services

Information about your current licence can be access on your admin page, licence page or in the top toolbar by hover with the mouse your username.

  • Licence page

  • Admin page

  • Top toolbar

Packages vs. custom licence builder

There are two ways to purchase paid licence in BitCurb.

  • Buy package from a number of predefined packages
  • Use custom licence configurator

It is much easier to buy package, which includes all functionalities that are subject to licensing.

if you decide to select which functionality sets you want to include in your licence, you can go for Custom licence.

There are two things that you can achieve with Custom licence compared to predefined packages:

  • Exclude support servicing component
  • Define different edition for REST API clients and Excel App

If you decide to go for buying packages, which is the recommended way, you can select one of the available packages. Once you select one, it becomes active. In order to change the package just click on one of those who seems to be inactive.

To go for custom package, select custom at the bottom of the screen.

In the custom configurator screen you can select the components that you want to purchase by ticking the boxes and you can select your licence edition from the pull down “Data Volume”.

Note that Reports functionality is free of charge and you must manually select it to be part of your licence. Otherwise Report API that we provide for statistical information about your operations might not be available.
There are two sections – BitCurb API and BitCurb Excel representing the consumers of the BitCurb API.
In addition to functionalities and editions you want to purchase you also have to provide the period and the number of users.
Note that if your organisation BitCurb account is not a business type, you cannot purchase more than 1 licence because your account is single user mode account. Hence you might not be requested to provide number of users value when you purchase new licences.

Trial licence

If you are under trial and you navigate within the BitCurb portal to Billing module Licences  page, you will see your current licence with option to buy new or to extend the existing one depending on how many days you have till expiry of the current licence.

Once you select package you can purchase it by setting the number of months during your new licence will be valid.

If the price is VAT inclusive and the VAT value itself is displayed. Your registration details define if your account is subject to VAT charge.

If you buy paid licence while you are in Trial, your new paid licence becomes valid right away. It doesn’t start after the expiry period of the Trial licence.

Buy new licence

New licence could be bought 30 days before expiry date for the existing licensing period and new licence becomes effective after the existing paid licence expire.

If you renew the licence, the new one will become effective after your current paid licence expires.

If you are renewing licence none of the limitations related to extending paid licence are in place, so you are not limited to purchase equal or higher edition of your current licence for the same package type. When you renew you can also diminish the number of users that would be assigned in licence.

If your licence has expired and you buy new, all previously assigned users will be reset. You may need to reassign users in licences again if your organisation account is business (Company mode).

Extend licence within expiry period

If you are under paid licence you can extend it in terms of adding more users to the existing one or upgrading the package to package from the same type, but higher edition and adding more users. Only upgrading the package and keeping the current number of users is not possible.

For example if your current licence is Standard Combo, the only upgrade option is Pro Combo

Licence period cannot be changed through extend operation. New licence could be bought 30 days before expiry date for the existing licensing period and the new licence becomes effective after the existing paid licence expire.

When you upgrade you cannot select lower edition and package type than your existing one.

For example if you currently have Standard Combo package, then the options that would be available for your when you want to extend would respectively be:

  • Adding more users to Standard Combo
  • Purchase Pro Combo and add at least one new user

If you buy higher package type and edition for licence, then all existing user accounts shall be upgraded and a charge for this will be applied during payment.

The calculation for the existing one is based on the 30-days month basis for the remaining period, applying the difference between editions and package types.

If you buy your licence through the custom licence builder, then every further extension of this licence shall be through the custom licence builder screen.

Payment and Invoicing

Whenever you are buying a licence, you must agree with latest version of Terms and Conditions.

Then you are redirected on the purchase screen where you have to provide card holder details, purchase order number (if applicable) and card details for the transaction.

Once your payment transaction is successfully processed (after payment confirmation), you can find the invoice for your payment in the Payment Complete section.

Invoices are also available in Billing module, Invoices page

Every invoice is issued to your organisation with the details provided during your registration. Your organisation account details might be changed from Admin module, Client Profile page.

You will receive emails for any actions related to the licensing – from assigning to purchasing new or extending existing one.