The registration in BitCurb portal is for free and you won’t be charged money for trying our product. Once you have your account set up, your licence trial period automatically starts.

The registration page is comprised of 2 blocks:

  • Organisation Account details

These are the details for your BitCurb master account. It contains contact information and address information that has been used, when invoices are issued with your licence purchases in BitCurb portal.

If you are business you may provide your company number and VAT number if applicable.

When provided, this data might be used to determine if you are subject to VAT exemption.

BitCurb “Account Name” value must be unique across the portal and in case you ended up receiving warning when clicking “Register” button, you may need to modify this particular field value to make it unique before trying register again.


If you are business your organisation account section will look like:

There is tooltip that should guide you for each of the fields in the registration form.

When you register BitCurb account as business, there are two more fields – CompanyID and VAT Number. They are presented in your invoices.

In case you are EU based business, please provide only the numbers of your VAT Number without leading 2 letters code.

In case you are non EU based business or UK based business, please provide the VAT number with leading letters code if applicable. Otherwise VAT might be charged, when you purchase paid licence.

If your BitCurb account is a business account, you can add more users to it and assign them licences. The BitCurb platform acts as central place for all your users, so all their actions are tracked and the dashboard widgets represent aggregated information for them.. The first account you create along with the profile registration is added to Administrator role, which is responsible for adding/amending additional users and purchasing licences.

If your BitCurb account is not a business account, you can’t add more users to your organisation account.

Organization account is not your login account. It represents your registration details.

  • User Login Details

User login details is the data you provide regarding your BitCurb login account.  Your username should be a valid email address and it should be unique across all existing account registrations in BitCurb portal. In case you already have existing account, which has been expired after trial and you want to reuse your email address, please contact BitCurb support. Otherwise you have to register yourself with another email, which has not been used.

Before completing your registration details, you must verify you are not a robot by handling the captcha image above “Register” button.

If your registration is successful you be redirected to a new page with instructions and you will get confirmation email.

In your welcome email you will also receive a link to activate your profile, which includes setting up your password.

The email with the link is valid for only 24 hours. If the registration process is not completed within these 24 hours, you may need to set up your access through “Forgotten password”.

When you login account is set up, you can always change your registration details from the BitCurb Portal.

Navigate to Admin menu, Client Profile page. If your BitCurb account is a business account, then this page is only accessible by users who are assigned in Administrator role during their provisioning in the Admin module.

In the “Client Profile” page you can change your registration details and provide more details like – phone number and secondary contact details.

If you decide to change your VAT number for a reason and you are EU business, please note that on this page you have to provide the leading two letters along with the number.

The account type for your organisation account – business (also called Company mode) or not, chosen on registering cannot be changed from the Client Profile page.